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Wow, now that’s different

As I mentioned before, Australia is in the middle of a political campaign for the upcoming national elections. I was reading the local paper today here in Adelaide, and I was shocked by one of the articles in the paper. They were featuring 6 voters in South Australia, including information about which party they intended to vote for, and what their top issue was. Of the six, two of them indicated that the environment was their top issue! Two of six! No other top issue was mentioned twice, and one of the voters specifically said that the River Murray and carbon trading were her top issues.

What?! How come people are so sensible here? I feel like in the US, you would be lucky if one of the featured voters in a similar survey even mentioned the environment, let alone listed it as their top issue. Again, I suppose this is perhaps a result of the fact that Australians (especially South Australians who are at the end of the River Murray and are watching their local wetlands dry up) are experiencing first hand the impacts of climate change (or, at least a really long drought). Also, while climate change has been politicized here, it isn’t nearly as political as it is in the US.

It really makes you wonder why the politicians here aren’t being more vocal about climate change since so much of the electorate is eager to see something done. Hmmm….


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