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So nice to be back in Vermont…

Well I’ve successfully made my way back to SoRo, this time after making the 18+ hour drive from Milwaukee, WI.  The past week and a half has been the whirlwind for me.   I was living in Tel Aviv this past summer completing a MELP internship and ended my trip a week short when I decided to move to Vermont and finish my MELP degree.  I am really looking forward to spending a decent amount of time here unlike the past two summers when I’ve been here for only two weeks at a time.

Lucky for me, I only have 9 credits left to take and have decided to take Water Resources Law, Admin. Law, and Ecology of Food Agriculture.  So far, I can say that I am actually enjoying my classes.  Maybe because they are all very relevant or maybe because I am very interested in the subject.  Or, it could just be that I see the end of a very long school tunnel.  Either way, it should be a great semester.  Specifically, I’m looking forward to writing my paper for Food and Ecology because I’ll get to write about something I am very interested in–possible topics you ask? Well,  I am debating between agricultural issues in Israel and fish farming in the Milwaukee area. The paper will be a critical analysis of scientific study related to the topic I chose.  There should be a number of scientific studies examining farming issues in Israel, alternatively I may have to directly contact fish farmers in the Milwaukee area and ask them about their farms and what sort of protocol they have used to collect data or data that has served as a basis for any decisions they’ve made.  This is because farmers are always experimenting, but sometimes this info doesn’t make it into the scientific literature.  Stay tuned as the research progresses…

Ok, now for the fun stuff.  Labor Day Weekend is already here and this year I am going to spend the weekend volunteering on a farm with my sister at Many Hands Farm in Barre, MA.  Sponsored by “the MOVE,” an organization that exposes many different groups of people to farming and gardening throughout the Boston area, this experience will be full of hands-on farm work, discussion groups, great food, and new people.  My sister is heavily involved in the local farms/CSA movement and just completed an anthropological study this summer where she spent time on three different farms in the greater Boston and New York area.  I am really looking forward to catching a glimpse of what she’s been doing for the summer.  Also, I haven’t been camping in a while, so it will be nice to put up a tent and take advantage of the great weather.

So a bit of business and pleasure in this post.  I am looking forward to posting throughout the semester and reading everyone else’s posts too.  Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!


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