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Just a Small Town Girl

I did it! I successfully completed my first week in the Masters program. So many questions ran through my mind during the first few weeks in SoRo. Will I like it here? How hard will my classes be this semester? Will I make new friends? How do I work this gas heater in my room? Will I freeze in the winter? Can I survive without a Target close to me?

Already, I have fallen in love with my new town. One of my favorite moments was walking around the second night after I moved in and exploring the campus. It was absolute quiet all around and the air had this very distinct New England feel to it. The next couple of weeks were filled with Orientation activities and exploring the area. I visited Burlington, Montpelier and, of course, Waterbury for some Ben & Jerry’s!

I did spend some time in class when I wasn’t playing in the White River. I am currently taking Intro to Legal Studies, Natural Resources Law, Energy Policy in a Carbon-Constrained World and Ecology Food and Agriculture. There is so much work and reading that need to be done and it is so easy to get distracted. Luckily, my classes are fascinating to me, especially my Energy and Natural Resources law. That’s one thing I don’t think I ever really felt in undergrad: a passion for what I’m learning (I was a communications major).

I’m so excited to share my experiences, both good and bad, throughout the semester, especially since I used to read the blogs before I even applied to VLS. I hope you’re able to get a little snippet of SoRo Life from these posts.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

P.S. The closest Target is about an hour and a half away. Not exactly close, but I will survive!


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