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Fall is On the Way

As the VLSers get back to school, fall appears to be inching its way toward D.C. today as well. Having been a student my entire life up until now, September, rather than January, is the start of the new year. I walk to the Metro/from the Metro to the office every day, and today was the first day it felt like fall was on its way. Rather than already hitting the 70s, the air felt like a crisp 65. I am looking forward to fall. Last winter, Washington, D.C. got all of the snow that Vermont was supposed to get. As a MELP coming from Southern California, I heard over and over again about the harsh Vermont winters, yet we got a meager amount of snow compared to the seat of our nation – I must be a glutton for punishment to have moved here following that.

Work has been slow for me so far. My boss was out of town, and now my office manager has left on a two week vacation, but things should pick up soon since we are nearly finished with a report on the state of biomass in Maryland. It’s an all-encompassing report on the possibilities and effect of various options within the state. I’ll be putting out the press release and helping to get the website up to date with the new information. I am so glad that I took the Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels class over the summer – the information has definitely been utilized already.

The 9-5 life has its downsides. I never seem to have any energy after I get off work, even though I’ve spent the entire day sitting at a desk. Not that I miss being a student too badly, it seems like this is the natural progression, but I do miss having such flexibility in my schedule!


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