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Lots of Work, but a Little Play

The first three week of classes were stressful.  However, after meeting everyone and getting in the swing of things, the days are flying by.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Vermont for five weeks already.  I am from Georgia and for undergrad I went to the University of Georgia, a very large state university.  Needless to say, VLS and SoRo are quite different.

I was an extremely diligent studier in undergrad, so the transition into grad school has not been very difficult for me.  The biggest difference is the amount of reading assigned.  This semester I am taking Extinction and Climate Change, Environmentalism in America (taught by Gus Speth!), Intro to Legal Studies, and Natural Resources Law.  I love my classes.  I took many environmental and political science classes in undergrad, but never have I been so completely emerged in my deepest passion, the environment.

I put in many extra hours last week in order to get all of this weeks readings done before the weekend.  That allowed me to spend the weekend at the Tunbridge World’s Fair!  The fair was a blast.  There was everything from strange and large vegetables, to a livestock cavalcade, to the ferris wheel.  I had frozen apple cider, which was very good.  We got to watch pig races, both 8 month old pigs and full grown pot bellied pigs.  In addition there were piglets nursing in the barns.  If you are at VLS, the Tunbridge World’s Fair is something you cannot miss!

I fell in love with Vermont the first day I was here.  My apartment is a five minute walk to campus, the post office, the coop, and the town green.  Better yet, I can see mountains when I sit on my back porch in my adirondack chair to drink (green mountain) coffee!  I can hear the Amtrak train pass through town each evening (and sometimes be woken up by other trains!), and also hear the church bells ring on the hour.  I go to the farmer’s market every Thursday afternoon, and I go on peaceful runs down dirt roads.  In every aspect, SoRo is charming.


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