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I Got a Pocketful of Sunshine

If you went to the movies with me this past week you will understand the reference to my title.  No, I don’t really have a pocketful of sunshine but I did have a pretty crazy week.  Do you remember that scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy is caught in the tornado and she just watches everything fly by her window? Well, that’s similar to how I felt.  I not only had a lot of work to do in my classes but also started to attend meetings for various organizations.  There’s one, the Environmental Law Society, that’s really cool and they offer a lot of activities within the organization. You could teach kids about environmental activities at a local elementary school, sign up for events, and plan to attend different conferences.  On top of that there are different committees within the group. It’s great to be involved. The hard part is that you only have so much time to spare.

As far as classes are going, well, let’s just say they’re going. I came into this program not knowing which area I would like to work in after I graduate. The best thing about this semester is not only deciding the areas I would like to learn more about but also determining which ones I don’t really want to pursue.  I didn’t know much about the energy field so I decided to take Energy Policy in a Carbon-Constrained World.  Turns out, energy might not be the best area for me, which is totally okay.  Career Services has helped me see that I don’t need to have my life planned out for me at this very moment (yes, it is the beginning of the year and I’ve already met with Career Services).  The point is that it’s only been about a month into the school year and it’s encouraging to see what I like and don’t like in the environmental field.  I feel that much closer to figuring out what I want to do when I “grow up”, even if it’s just a tiny step.

On a side note: Today, they had a stone soup on the green where a group of farmers came by, dropped some veggies in a huge pot and started cooking soup.  It was free for the community and one of the coolest things about living in SoRo.  I actually enjoy living in a small town where things like people coming together to serve you soup occur every year.

This town is so cool.

Also, I know everybody talked about the Tunbridge World’s Fair. Here’s the best part (well, second best after the maple cotton candy):

That's right. It's the pig race.


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