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Another Day in the Library

There is so much to be involved in here at VLS. Take your pick really, we have the Environmental Law Society, rugby, a wine society, the International Law Society, the Student Bar Association, the list goes on and on.  It can be overwhelming to read the daily emails, and wonder how you could possibly have time to be involved in these interesting groups on top of all the school work and just functioning as an “adult.” You know, having clean laundry, working out and doing dishes.  Some people make it work, perhaps they require less sleep then I do, and don’t cook much, I suppose. I find it hard to fit it all in, and be on top of all my work without compromising all the other things I enjoy doing.

So I get the emails, I check out which ones to prioritize and despite my best intentions, I’m still spending more time in the library then I am enjoying all these group activities.  So far, I’ve been attending the activities that provide an extra supplement to my course work. One of those groups is the Dartmouth Energy Collaborative.  For the most part, this group has been really helpful with my hardest class, Energy Policy in a Carbon Constrained World. It has allowed me to take a step back from the course materials and think about them in the context of the greater world.

I also went to the VLS Town Hall meeting this evening. It was a meeting open to all members of the VLS community to discuss a wide range of topics. I found it interesting to hear about the topics on tonight’s agenda, which included communication between students and the administration, financial aid, and the Campus Greening Committee. It was a good chance to hear the many perspectives on our campus. It is refreshing to see that the Administration here at VLS encourages all members of this community a forum to address concerns, questions and new goals for the academic year ahead.  Go if you have a chance! 


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