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Monthly Archives: October 2010

On the theme of cars

I thought I would continue the theme of cars and driving and tell you a bit about our year down here in Australia without a car. Similar to the other blogger who gets surprised looks when people find out it’s possible to get by in SoRo without a car, we have received the same sort […]

Solar Roads

Solar powered roadways may be the wave of the future. As petroleum costs rise, building the same old asphalt roads we’ve been using for decades will no longer seem like the best option. Instead, harnessing the energy that roads already attract to power LED displays that convey safety messages, or light the way at night […]

working hard and having fun

Lately, it seems that everyone can’t find enough time to even think straight.  Thankfully, this week has slowed down on the work side of things and some of us are able to relax a little bit.  However, even in our busiest weeks, some of us still found some time to take it easy.  This past […]

On Not Having a Car at VLS

I’ve lived in places where it isn’t entirely feasible to own a car. In Washington, DC, owning a car is far more hassle then it is worth, so for most of my adult life thus far, I’ve been car-less. And frankly, I like it that way. But now I live in South Royalton, where most […]

DMV Drama – Moving Sucks

I have had so much difficulty with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. Finally got my Maryland driver’s license a few weekends back, but apparently they won’t do vehicle services on weekends – for whatever obviously completely arbitrary reason. That means I have to take a day off of work to get my plates and registration […]

What an idea!

So, while we’ve been here in Australia, we’ve ended up watching a few of the reality shows like Masterchef and Farmer Wants a Wife (nope, I’m not kidding–that’s a real show!) On right now is the first ever Junior Masterchef, with kids from 9-12 years old cooking some amazing dishes. You’re probably wondering why I’m […]

Heaps of water = heaps good

Heaps good is a saying down here in South Australia that I’ve grown to like during my year here. And, one thing’s for sure. All the rain that Australia has received this year is certainly heaps good. The amazing thing is that the rain seems to have hit just about every single part of Australia […]

Farming and Politics

I’m sure everyone back in Vermont is closely following the recent news down here in Australia, but in case you missed it, I’ll bring you up to speed. The biggest news story recently is that the Murray-Darling Basin Authority has released the guide to the Basin Plan. (Not a draft Basin Plan, just a guide, […]

Voting in Vermont

This past week, students and Dean Shields encouraged the VLS community to register to vote in Vermont. For most of the week, people sat in the Chase Breezeway and asked students if we’d consider registering to vote in Vermont.  I’ve been registered to vote in Vermont since late August, when I was asked to register […]

So many new birds!

I imagine there are some birders out there in the VLS and potential-VLS community. This post is for you. Recently, we traveled up to Darwin and Kakadu — the area known as Australia’s Top End. We spent about 4 or 5 days up there with a friend who is really into birds. Because there are […]