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Autumn in VT

Before moving to Vermont, I always heard that fall and winter were two of the most spectacular seasons to be a part of in the New England region.  After living here for the past couple months and watching the leaves change from a vibrant green to patches of bright yellow, orange and red, I now know why people travel from all over the states just to see autumn in Vermont.  Last week, I decided to take a bike ride towards Tunbridge for a break from studying and to see all the beautiful fall colors.  I enjoyed the trip so much that I was gone for about two hours.  It was worth sacrificing a couple afternoon hours for this trip because I had the opportunity to get some fresh air and take some awesome pictures of my first autumn in Vermont.

Another awesome fall activity that I would definitely suggest is going to an Oktoberfest and/or Brewfest.  A couple friends and I went to the Brewfest in Killington, VT and we had a great time.  It had been raining all week, but the sun came out this past Saturday while we were at the festival.  Even if these types of festivals aren’t your thing, I would definitely recommend taking a drive somewhere to get the full view of how beautiful Vermont can be in the fall.

As for school, its going great.  I still love all of my classes and I enjoy learning more and more everyday.  I couldn’t be happier with my schedule and I’m already planning on schedule changes for next semester to meet my newly found interests.


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