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Fall in DC

I remember this time last year the gorgeous turning of the leaves in Vermont. DC is finally getting some proper fall weather, crisp air, cool winds, some occasional rain that makes me dream of hot apple cider. It’s brought up a new set of things to consider. As a Southern Californian, I’m still mastering the seasonal wardrobe transition. I love layering, so I’ve embraced the fall fashion, but I’m still getting the hang of staying warm. Last year in VT I was a student, so on days when it was chilly and I just didn’t feel like putting effort in, sweats, Uggs, and a puffy coat did the trick. Working in an office requires a bit more planning. Do you wear weather appropriate boots and bring a pair of heels to change into when you reach the office? Do you buy nice professional knee-length leather boots that can be commuter and office appropriate?

I have enjoyed the style in DC. Young 20something professionals are so fashion-conscious since there’s so much schmoozing and networking constantly going on around you. If you Metro in comfy commuter shoes, you risk being seen by someone important in your transition clothing. Eek! Speaking of seeing people, I was out with a co-worker for lunch, and he suddenly looks up, points, and says, “hey, isn’t that Rob Nader?” Uhh yes, we both stared at the back of his retreating head, giggling.

I’ve been attending lunch lectures as professional development. I mentioned that I had an interest in doing so at the outset of my position, and my boss fully supported it, so I’ve been signing up for every free lunch in town 😉 It’s a great way to network, learn more about topics related to your field, and get the occasional free meal – what could be wrong with that?

I have started my part-time weekend position as a contract education naturalist for a local Audubon group. It’s a good way for me to keep my environmental education resume current, since I see myself transitioning back into environmental education in my next position, rather than staying in communications. I think it will be a good way to get some extra cash flow, and work in a different environment for a bit.

Now that the weather’s cooled off and I have kicked my cold, I’m feeling a lot better about things here. I know I don’t want to stay in this position too long, but I am so appreciative to have gotten a job that was related to my field, directly out of graduation. DC is an incredible city, and I’m glad that I took the gamble on coming here.


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