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Where has the time gone?

It’s incredible to think that it’s already October, and that fall has arrived in the Upper Valley. I’m still down here in Australia, and I’m wondering where the last several months have gone. But, apart from the wondering, I’m quite happy to have the arrival of spring. The smell of flowers in the air, the longer days (we just went onto Daylight Savings Time here), the green trees, and the warmer weather are so welcome, even after the relatively mild Australian winter.

However, though I thought the winter was mild because the temperature never dropped much and we didn’t see any snow at all, the Australians generally felt that this winter was much rainier than the last 10 or so. In fact, several places flooded, and overall, there appears to be quite a lot of water in the Murray Darling Basin. I am here studying the drought, and so it is quite strange (but very good) for there to be so much water. It’s coming at a really good time because the Basin Plan is about to be released, which is going to announce new sustainable diversion limits for the Murray. An interesting time indeed, and one I’m sure to have much to say about.

But, for now, it’s time to get focused and get back on top of the work! Of course, it’s so hard when it’s beautiful outside… a very common problem this time of the year in Vermont as well 🙂


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