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Wait, October?

October is stealthy, it avoids all those telltale signs of change, September has school, and November starts with recovering from Halloween. While I’ve only been here about two months, it seems something like over a year. It’s not a case of life in South Royalton being extremely dull, or school dragging on incessantly, just that so much has happened. The rush of getting settled is finally over, though it does take a ridiculously long time to shake off that feeling, now we’ve joined our groups, celebrated birthdays, and started fretting about midterms and upcoming papers.

Aside from the usual things you learn, I’ve come to realize the extreme importance of finding outside activities to do. I’m not a runner or really athletic in the least, but I finally got over my aversion to team sports (well, it’s more along the lines that I don’t want to be responsible for catching a ball, I have horrendous hand-eye coordination). I decided to join the rugby team, with a bit of encouragement from the team. This is definitely a case of jumping into the fire. My first game, I had almost no clue what I was doing, and at first it was terrifying. Here I am, standing on a huge field (they seem so much bigger when your about to play a match) in Winooski watching a purple and white stripped girl hurdle towards me at full speed and tackle me to the ground. I had the most spectacular bruise for about a week and a half, but it was worth it. On the field, it’s not about readings or stressing about my professor calling on me, it’s about avoiding the very large girl with the ball from getting past me. It is the perfect escape, because if you’re not completely immersed in the moment, you are on the ground with grass and dirt pressed against your face. Trust me, you pay attention. I’m not going to lie, I still am confused a good portion of the time and my mum calls me up after every game and practice to see if I’m still among the living, but it’s awesome. We may be the Woman’s VLS Rugby team, but it is my escape from school and keeps me sane. My best friend gave me that little gem, to have something separate from school, because it is far to easy to let it invade your life. That does sound a tad doom and gloom, but I think of it as staving off cabin fever.


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