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What an idea!

So, while we’ve been here in Australia, we’ve ended up watching a few of the reality shows like Masterchef and Farmer Wants a Wife (nope, I’m not kidding–that’s a real show!) On right now is the first ever Junior Masterchef, with kids from 9-12 years old cooking some amazing dishes.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing about this, but the fresh food ingredients they are using reminded me of Vermont. The dishes they’re making are absolutely incredible. Just tonight on the show, the kids made dishes including prawn and avocado crepes and lamb, mushroom and spinach cooked in a pastry–beef wellington style. Pretty impressive indeed.

But, apart from how amazing it is that 9-year-olds are cooking better food that I perhaps ever will, this show seems like a brilliant idea for another reason. How great is it to encourage kids to cook good, healthy food? With most kids drinking as much soda as they can, it’s hard to imagine young kids cooking their own food. This show will surely make cooking more popular amongst kids, and I honestly think that kids in the US would benefit from a similar promotion of cooking and eating right. I can’t help but think that if more kids cooked good food, there would be fewer instances of childhood obesity.

Maybe Vermont should have a mini Masterchef competition for kids — it’s the perfect State for it with lots of fresh, local food!


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