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On Not Having a Car at VLS

I’ve lived in places where it isn’t entirely feasible to own a car. In Washington, DC, owning a car is far more hassle then it is worth, so for most of my adult life thus far, I’ve been car-less. And frankly, I like it that way. But now I live in South Royalton, where most people stare at me in shock and disbelief when they learn I don’t have a car here.  The thing is, I don’t really feel that left out without a car.  My reasoning for not having a car is simple, there was no way having a car fit into my Grad School budget. At all. So I’ve found ways to make it work and if you are reading this in a city where you don’t own a car, you’ll come to find that you can be quite happy here without one.

First, Zip Car. We have two on campus, and if you sign up through the VLS web site, it is discounted. I’ve never had a problem with the two Zip Cars here, one is a Toyota Matrix and the other a Prius. Both come with snow tires, and snow shovels for later in the year when we will really need them. I’ve reserved them happily many times, without incident. I’ve taken them for short grocery trips, to visit a college friend, and most recently, up to Killington to buy my season ski pass. I drove through a snow storm in the Prius to get my season pass, and hey, I survived (and truthfully, it was a lot of fun to head out on the open road Friday after class).

Second, most people are very generous about giving you rides. So ask. Be curious and involved, and most likely, you’ll find a ride.

Third, I’d be remiss not the mention my favorite option. The Amtrak Vermonter,  comes right through South Royalton every day, twice a day. Once in the morning heading south and once in the evening heading north. Having the train available to us is a wonderful and cost effective resource. For more information, check out the Amtrak Vermonter web site, Amtrak Vermonter website

The closest stop to VLS is White River Junction (where you can get an awesome coffee and the best muffins at a local coffee shop right near the train station called Tuckerbox), and from there you head south to just about anywhere your heart desires, with the last stop at Union Station in Washington, DC.  I’d really recommend thinking about taking the train because it is such a great way to travel. You can do your school work, you don’t have to get your shampoo into 3 ounce containers, and you can walk around and enjoy the trip. The train is so much more civilized then flying! To learn more about the Amtrak Vermonter, check out, Amtrak Vermonter Facebook page

I don’t have a car and so far I am quite happy. But you know what I really miss? A movie theater that I can walk to. Or that isn’t 35+ minutes away.


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