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working hard and having fun

Lately, it seems that everyone can’t find enough time to even think straight.  Thankfully, this week has slowed down on the work side of things and some of us are able to relax a little bit.  However, even in our busiest weeks, some of us still found some time to take it easy.  This past weekend, a couple friends and I went to a ski-swap in Montpelier and it was definitely a learning experience.  I have never been skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing so learning anything about all of these sports was new and exciting.  One of my friends was in the market for some new skis and a couple of us were just there to tag along and see what a ski-swap was all about.  I ended up leaving with a pair of ice skates because I wouldn’t mind brushing on my skating as well as possibly learning how to play hockey this winter.

After the ski swap, we went to the farmer’s market in downtown Montpelier where there was an abundance of delicious looking vegetables, breads, cheeses and other food.  Personally, I was really excited about the vegetable samosas, which were amazing!!

Once we finished at the farmer’s market we stopped at Capital Grounds to get some hot tea/chai/coffee since it was quite a chilly day.  Last time we were in Montpelier we had coffee there and it has been delicious every time I’ve been there.

When we got back to South Royalton, a couple of us went to the Chase Rugby Tournament.  It was slightly windy, but we had a lot of fun hanging out and watch the guys and girls ruby teams.  I was confused about some of the rules, but for the most part I generally understood what was going on in each game.  There was also a pig roast, which to some would not be appealing, but a couple friends and I had some and it was tasty!!  We watched the rest of the girls game and then headed home.  Going to the rugby tournament was a lot of fun and it was great to see all the VLS players working hard on the field.

It was a fun weekend and the perfect end to a seemingly endless week.  While it seems that there is a heavy workload, it is definitely do-able.





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