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On the theme of cars

I thought I would continue the theme of cars and driving and tell you a bit about our year down here in Australia without a car. Similar to the other blogger who gets surprised looks when people find out it’s possible to get by in SoRo without a car, we have received the same sort of reaction here in Adelaide. People are pretty attached to their cars here, which is a bit unfortunate.

We decided when we got here that we could either buy bikes or buy a car (two reasonable road bikes were about the same price as a used car, if you can believe that!) We opted for the bikes, and have been really pretty happy with our decision.

We’ve found that between our bikes and public transportation, we can pretty well get around the city. And, when we want to go further, we’ve caught rides with other people, which has been great. If we had a car, I suspect we would have done a lot of trips by ourselves. That would have been fine, but we’ve really enjoyed meeting other people.

Although there isn’t ZipCar here, we have rented a car twice — both times to go visit someone who lives about 2 hours from the city. But, apart from that and one taxi cab ride, we’ve been really fine without a car. It’s undoubtedly been cheaper for us (gas, or petrol as they call it) is more expensive here than in the US, and with a used car, you never know what kinds of repairs you’ll have to have done.

So, the moral of the story. I recommend going car free for awhile. It will change your life for the better! Even if it’s not at SoRo where you decide to give up your car, you should try it for awhile. You may just like it : )


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