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Board Meeting

I went to my first board meeting this past weekend in Milford, PA. As the Communications and Development person, I am sort of a board liaison, so I had to attend the cocktail hour and board dinner to break bread with my board members, and get to know their spouses. It was actually a pretty fun event, since we’ve got a very laid back, and outgoing group. Included among them is a past chief of the Forest Service, which is awesome. I think that getting to know them in the future will only serve to broaden my own personal base of contacts I can turn to for advice, and opportunities. (Never miss the possibility to network I say!) It was an exhausting weekend though, and when we returned from the 5 1/2 hour drive, I was wiped out, so I did not take part in Halloween this year beyond watching the appropriately-themed Extreme Makeover: Haunted Home Edition. Last year I was partying my face off at Crossroads with my fellow VLSers… is this what growing up looks like?

I have been really enjoying my weekend position at the Audubon Naturalist Society. When taking the kids out for the hiking portion of the program, I often teach them signs to signal that they see an animal, rather than yelling or pointing it out loudly. One of the parents taught me the ASL sign for turtle when a child asked what sort of signal they should make to show that they found one. A lightbulb went off in my head, and I realized I should absolutely learn American Sign Language, as an educator it would be a huge asset. I have already begun practicing the alphabet, and I want to learn all the various signs for animals, so I can teach the kids the real deal. It would make an amazing thesis subject if I do my Ph.D in Environmental Education down the road, I am so excited!

It’s been a lot cooler here, finally getting some truly on-season weather. I have been working hard on our newsletter, which goes out, basically quarterly. I am for all intents and purposes the Editor in Chief of the newsletter production, so I guess that’s a very marketable skill if I want to keep up writing in the future (which I do). I’m also learning a lot more about our fundraising and development work, since that’s on my plate, even though it’s not in my title. That is definitely a marketable skill for any area of non-profit work, whether I stay in communications, or go back to education like I’m planning.


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