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Livin’ On a Prayer

I spent Saturday in Montpelier exploring their Thanksgiving Farmer’s Market (best thing ever!), shopping and eating Chinese food.  Last night a bunch of friends and I went to a karaoke bar nearby and had the best time!  It is so important to get out of SoRo and doing something in another city every once in a while.  I like this little town but sometimes I just need to get out and see something different.  However, I think my exploration days are somewhat over for the semester.  Finals, papers and memos are among us.  I don’t know if any amount of chocolate, cooking or TV distractions will help because deadlines will happen whether or not I procrastinate.

I feel like I lucked out at least a little bit because I only (haha) have a final paper, a final memo and two take-home exams.  No sit-in exams for me this semester.  Trust me when I say my take-home exams will most likely not be the multiple-choice/short-answer that I had when I was in college.

Procrastination through blogging has happened long enough.  For the next few days I will be M.I.A until Thanksgiving with the exception of Harry Potter* Tuesday, of course.

*Note:  There was not a single theater within a reasonable driving distance from me that offered a midnight showing of Harry Potter.  You win some, you lose some when it comes to living in a small town.


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