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Thanksgiving in DC

I had family come to visit me in DC this year for Thanksgiving. I thought back to last year, when I had dinner at Dean Jefferson’s house. She took in all the stray VLSers who couldn’t make it home for the holiday weekend. It was so nice of her, but nothing beats family. I had a blast with my Aunt and Uncle, getting a private driving tour of the city, spending some time at the Library of Congress, visiting Marjorie Merriweather Post’s home/museum, and having dinner at really nice restaurants. They were staying at a hotel only a couple blocks from the White House – crazy.
During our tour, a motorcade blocked the roadway. After counting the number of vehicles, seeing the ambulance, etc, our guide said it was most likely President Obama – how cool! They’re heading back to California today, so I have the weekend to myself to relax and enjoy the final days of the holiday “vacation”. It was such a different holiday than last year’s – DC really has blown me away. I never thought I would love living here as much as I do!


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