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Thanksgiving in South Royalton

Thanksgiving came at the perfect time as I was burnt out and tired of writing, reading and generally unable to process much more information. This long weekend was just what I needed to push through the final two weeks of classes.

Several MELPs and our partners got together and had a wonderful meal on Thursday. It seemed like the perfect idea for the new family we’ve created here at VLS to get together and share the day and our thanks since many of us weren’t able to make it back to our old lives. We feasted, oh man, we feasted! From turkey, to stuffing, to wine, several types of mashed potatoes, casseroles, cheese, wine and all the extra fixings, it was a perfect day. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have shared my Thanksgiving with my new friends here, and this Thanksgiving I was most thankful for this experience in Vermont surrounded by amazing people. Plus, it was really wonderful to see my husband, who took the train (the Vermonter) to White River Junction from Washington, DC. A Thanksgiving for the memory books!

On that note, I’m back to finishing up work for Intro to Legal Studies. Intro to Legal Studies is a required MELP Fall Semester class that introduces the fields of legal analysis, research, and writing through the study of environmental statutes and case law. The course covers legal research, how to read laws and regulations, and covers constitutional law, civil procedure, contracts, torts and how these topics relate to environmental issue. So off I go, I’m hoping this won’t be a late night!


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