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The Holiday Season Hits SoRo

I spent Thanksgiving in South Royalton, which was a neat experience. We only had Thursday and Friday off from classes, so I did not feel that I had enough time to fly back home to Georgia. However, my boyfriend flew up and we had a lovely dinner here. SoRo isn’t exactly a busting town to begin with, but on Thanksgiving it was a ghost town.

It snowed a fair amount the day after Thanksgiving! I went on a long walk around the town in the snow. As if this town isn’t cute enough already, it is adorable in the snow.

The Christmas lights are popping up everywhere in SoRo! Lights are my favorite thing about the holiday season. Every tree on the town green has lights in it and the gazebo and band stand have lights all around them. It is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the lights on once everything is covered in snow.

I went to explore Maine this past weekend. It was wonderful to see the ocean, walk on sand, and climb on rocks with waves splashing up…even if it was freezing outside. The greatest thing about New England is that everything is so close together. It took me less time to get to the ocean from Vermont, a landlocked state, than it does from my house in Georgia, a coastal state. I highly suggest getting out to explore all of New England while you are here.

Finals are almost upon us! I personally do not like studying in the library. I loved studying in the library in undergrad, but the VLS library is small enough that there are always a million people there. The library is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I get distracted by the noise individual people make since all else is so quiet. Instead, I have begun studying at Sticky Buns, a local bakery and cafe with wonderful coffee and friendly people.

I am almost finished for the semester: my last memo is complete, my large term paper for one class just needs editing, and now I just have to organize my notes and make a few outlines in order to prepare for my take home finals. Bring it on!


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