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Last Week of Classes

It seems like just yesterday I was typing about highlighters, Post-It notes and choosing between handwriting or typing my notes in class, and now look, the last week of classes has arrived. Hardly seems possible, but here we are, finals looming and the Holidays and cheerful lights, songs, time spent with family and friends, have almost arrived.

The last week of classes has brought with it, both a sense of panic, and a sense of sadness. There is still so much to learn in my classes this semester, and I’d love to continue this dialogue with my Professors and fellow students. Even in my hardest classes, I wouldn’t mind some more time to keep diving deeper into these subjects. That’s the thing about obtaining an education, the more you learn, the more you realize just how much you’d like to know. However, crunch time has come. Outlines to be written, papers to be drafted late into the night, spots at the library staked out, and multiple cups of coffee to be consumed.

It is unbelievable just how quickly the time flies while at VLS. I can remember the first day of MELP Orientation as if it happened yesterday, all those new faces are now people I’m happy to consider friends. I have to stop and remind myself every single day how lucky we all are to be here. I try to remember that when I’m stuck re-editing my Intro to Legal Studies final memo or outlining for my Land Use Regulation and Natural Resources classes. This time next year, when I’m gainfully employed again, I won’t remember that I was the first person to enter the library last Saturday morning (true story), but I will remember the laughter, the fun, and all that I learned.

Bring it on, last week of classes!


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