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We Are The Champions

One thing I haven’t previously discussed in my past posts is the chance to support VLS sporting events.  VLS offers a multitude of athletic opportunities, whether it is ultimate frisbee or hockey.

Earlier this semester was the rugby season.  This was my first time ever watching a rugby match, and VLS knows how to make sure the crowd has a good time.  The rugby match I attended offers free food and beverages at the game.  The best part of that rugby match was the fact that one of our VLS students made the executive decision to grill a whole pig.  Needless to say, VLS was extremely popular with the other rugby teams that day.

I attended my second hockey game ever this evening.  Honestly, I don’t remember who VLS played but I know that it was a lot of fun to bundle up, drink hot cocoa and cheer on our team with friends.

Go Fighting Swans!


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