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Wrapped Up Nicely, with a Bow

So, Fall Semester’s classes are over. Each portion of each syllabus, completed. Lessons learned, lectures given. To celebrate, VLS throws an “End of Semester” Party in the Chase Center for students. This party comes complete with a chocolate fountain and lots of good cheer. The entire VLS community is invited to join, including students, partners, staff and faculty. Later tonight, VLS rolls out an event called Specific Performance. I’ve heard it is a talent/variety show of sorts, with dancing and singing. Somehow, I’m pretty certain there will be lawyer jokes.

Despite all I have left to do, I am going to take this time to celebrate. Maybe take a short break from the library, watch a movie. I am also going to reflect on the distance I’ve come during these short months. This semester has made me aware of just how many environmental issues there are to tackle. I plan on doing just that. But first, I just need to get through exams.

One in-class exam, and two take-home exams are all that stand in the way of a winter vacation full of skiing, big dreaming and relaxing.


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