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Study. Breathe. Repeat.

The last week of classes flew by and now here I am, two semesters away from being a graduate student.  The last week of classes was hectic as expected, but it definitely ended on a positive note.  It was almost sad to say goodbye on the last days of classes to all my different professors.  While I will have some of them next semester, it is just hard to think that I will no longer be picking my brain for interesting energy topics or questions about natural resources.  However, I will say that one of my professors asked my class to reflect on how far we’ve come this semester.  I reflected for a moment or two and concluded that I have come a  long way since being bright-eyed and nervous in August.  Besides all of the amazing academic knowledge and experience, I also feel more laid back and comfortable around campus.  I realize that this happens to everyone, but it is a lot less stressful once you finally know your way around and don’t need to sneak a peek at a map or ask for directions.

Now that we are finally done with classes, it is on to studying for finals.  I have two take home finals and a paper between me and winter break, which in the grand scheme of things, really isn’t that bad.  I continue to follow my own personal motto of Study, Breathe and Repeat during these times of high stress.  At times where I feel like I am not going to get something done, I just take a break and then get back to it.  Just today I was feeling a little overwhelmed and I felt like it was a sign when “Eye of the Tiger” came on Pandora and I just laughed and got right back to work.  It really is the little things that keep me going.

As for a not-so-little thing, I am excited to say that in 8 days, I am finally going to learn to ski.  A friend and I are going to Killington for a free learn to ride day so that we can finally master this snowy art.  This excitement is what is going to keep me afloat over the next week.  I have never attempted any winter sports besides ice skating and I feel like this is a GREAT place to learn!!  I can’t wait to try this out and I’m sure a post will follow with the results of the adventure.

Also, I ate at Eaton’s Sugarhouse yesterday as an after class celebration and let me tell you, they can make a mean waffle.  I had never eaten there until yesterday and it was definitely something that I was missing out on!  I look forward to going back at least once before going home to try some more of their delicious breakfast food.




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