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You Live, You Learn

Almost every single one of my professors reminded us of how much we have learned in such a short amount time.  When I attended orientation I didn’t know how to synthesize cases or write a memo.  I didn’t know how to cite a case.  I knew nothing about the Clean Water Act, the National Forest Management Act or the Endangered Species Act.  I never once thought about transmission lines, the grid or ratemaking for utilities.

Granted, I also learned this semester that the energy sector is not my strong point so I it is unlikely that I will think too much more about ratemaking after my final.  It’s helpful to realize that even knowing what I don’t like brings me closer to figuring out what it is I eventually want to do.

The amount of information I’ve learned in these past few months boggles my mind.  It feels very rewarding to know that all of the hours I put in reading and the times of frustration that slipped in was worth it.  Even before finals I can walk away from this first semester proud of the work I’ve done.

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