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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Having previously lived in Tennessee and Florida, I will admit I felt really nervous about a New England winter.  I think I tried to find every online post to help me figure out how to be prepared and what I should have.  It’s not even winter yet but we’ve already had a few days with snow and ice.  I have a feeling that next semester could bring harsher winter conditions.  However, I’m definitely not as concerned as I was in the summer.

Here’s a list of things that I find to be essential for braving the cold: a good winter jacket, gloves and/or mittens, SmartWool socks (Seriously, they’re amazing!), winter boots, winter hat, and some hot cocoa.  In my honest opinion, I think that last item may be the most important.

If you’re scared or nervous about living in a place where it gets so cold, don’t be.  It’s not impossible to get through it and it’s much more enjoyable with friends.  Don’t forget the hot cocoa!


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