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DC in Winter

When I first moved to Vermont, everyone warned me that I was in for a real New England winter. That I, silly California girl, wouldn’t last. Well Vermont had an unseasonably easy winter last year, while Washington DC got hit by “Snowmageddon”. I then moved to DC following the completion of my MELP, confident that I had bypassed a bad winter in both locales. Enter the frigid winds that have been buffeting the majority of the middle and eastern united states the past two weeks now. DC has been downright uncomfortable, with temps barely reaching 30, and windchill bringing that down into the single digits. Strong winds here are apparently not that uncommon – a thing I don’t recall from last winter in VT. It literally rips through every layer you apply, thoroughly freezing you to the bone by the time you’ve finished your morning commute. While my love affair with DC has literally and figuratively cooled off for the moment, I have the holiday flight home for a week to look forward to. Ah glorious Southern California – how I long for your sun-drenched days and light sweater nights…

I have learned a lot since starting my job here 5 months ago. I have produced a national newsletter, carried off a nationwide annual appeal campaign, survived my first board meeting, done numerous press releases, and maintained all of our companies social media outlets. It’s been a learning curve, and while stressful at times, I am glad I took this position. At the moment, I’m not sure how long I plan to remain here in DC with this group. I’m kind of not planning purposefully. I want to keep my mind open for options and opportunities, as I expect most people fresh out of school in their first “9-5” generally do.


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