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One Day Down, Seven To Go

Well, the first day of finals is over! I am so relieved. I made a decision to only look at one of my take home finals today.  I didn’t want to get stressed out about the second one while working on the first one. Tomorrow I am going to spend all day working on my second final. That will give me six days to finish them and edit them. That sounds doable! As much as take home finals wear me out, I am so glad that I was able to work in the comfort of my own apartment while drinking hot tea, snacking, fidgeting, and listening to music, especially since I am currently sick. I still made time to go workout today, which is necessary to preserve my sanity and keep my stress level at bay.

As a side note, I put out bird seed and squirrel food on my deck every morning and I get to watch five different kinds of birds and four squirrels eat each morning. It truly makes my day, especially since I wasn’t able to bring my cats up here with me.


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