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Time To Take A Break

1 paper officially turned in, 1 paper ready for review, and 2 take-home finals to finish…

I’m already exhausted after typing that to-do list.  I literally have spent all day today looking at one of my finals so I decided it is now time to put it to rest and catch a break. I, like akhein, have been feeling a little sick the past few days. (A big thank you to the person whose cold I caught…*ahem*)  The pros of my finals being take-home include breaks, tea, and the ability to walk around every few hours just to clear my head. The cons include distractions and the fact that my bed is just a few steps away. Luckily, I excel in quick power naps.  As great as take home finals can be, I almost wish I had an in-class final. It’s done in a matter of a few hours versus staring at the same question over and over thinking to myself “Oh boy.”

Here’s to more productivity tomorrow. At least I have a manicure to look forward to so I can have a few short moments of a break.


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