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Almost Done!

I feel like I’ve been repeating myself each time I post and say something along the lines of “this semester is just flying by!” In reality, it did zip past me quicker than I had imagined.  Now, I am getting ready to complete the first set of finals of my first semester of graduate school and it feels great!! To look back on the semester and think about all that I have learned is the greatest feeling in the world.

One thing that grad school has taught me is better time management.  Between hanging out with friends, going on adventures, reading, watching TV, etc. it can be difficult at times to save enough time for the main reason I am here at VLS.  However, as the semester progressed, even at my laziest times, I still made time to get all of my work done.  This is a change from undergrad where I would wait last minute to do everything.  I almost feel…(dare I say it)….more responsible now. AH!

Tomorrow, I am going skiing with a bunch of my friends and I am SO excited!!! We have been planning this for a while and now that it is finally here, I don’t know what to do with myself.  This will be my first time skiing.  The only moving object that I have ever been on in the snow is a sled.  I know that this is not the same.  Also, I don’t want to start with unrealistic expectations of being a ski master on my first day.  I need to realize that I am completely new at this sport and I need to be patient while learning and definitely have fun.  The moment tomorrow that I am looking forward to is when I fall for the very first time.  It may hurt, it may make me laugh, but it will be the start of something beautiful.

I will most likely post about skiing in the near future.  For now, I will stop blogging and get back to putting the finishing touches on my finals!!

Happy winter!



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