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Monthly Archives: January 2011

reading, reading, snowshoeing, and more reading

Classes have gotten off to a good start. This semester I am taking Climate Change and the Law, Regulating the Marine Environment, Environmental Law, Environmental Dispute Resolution, and Environmental Writing and Advocacy. It is hard to believe that we have only had one full week of classes so far. I feel as if I’ve been back […]

Classes sorted out… finally!

This past Wednesday was the last day to drop and add classes, and it was an exciting day for me (and probably the registrar, too). My first semester here, I went to the classes I registered for, and I was happy with them. I didn’t even shop around for classes. While I was completely happy […]

More Blueberry Balsamic Glaze, Please

Today was such a fun day exploring Woodstock and Quechee.  A friend and I decided to visit the Woodstock Farmer’s Market, which is AMAZING!  It was there that I found my true love, a blueberry balsamic glaze.  Over Christmas I tried some vanilla ice cream with the glaze drizzled on top, and it was delicious.  […]

Just Another Day

It looks like this will finally be my first full week of class.  The first week was interrupted by a snowstorm and the second week had a holiday.  Luckily, I only have two days of classes this semester after my Negotiations weekend finishes.  Classes have been really good so far.  I’m currently taking Environmental Law, […]

January sunshine

One of the most beautiful sights to see in Vermont is a sunny day, right after a big snow storm.  The other day, I walked outside and even though I could see my breath, it did not deter me from venturing into town to run errands and eventually take a trip out to Tunbridge.  Since […]

Winter is HERE!

Wow, what a great winter we’re having. There is so much snow, it’s just wonderful. I really think that winters are very doable here as long as you get outside, and it’s so much easier to get outside when there is snow. The snow right now is really perfect — so light and fluffy and […]

Strange Start to a New Semester

This semester has begun quite oddly. First, I got stuck in Georgia and missed the first two days of classes. A large snow/ice storm came through Georgia the day I was supposed to fly back to Vermont. By the time the roads were passable in Georgia the storm hit New England, with the Boston/Manchester area […]

Porter Hypothesis

So I don’t remember learning about this at VLS (which is not to say I didn’t, it just didn’t stick) but I got to attend a Resources for the Future Lecture last night on the Porter Hypothesis, and what’s happened in the 20 years since the paper describing it was published. For those of you […]

Back to the Grind

Winter break was lovely, and feels almost like a dream that I haven’t quite woken up from yet. But here we all are, resolutely marching towards Spring semester. Winter has hit South Royalton in full force, and this little town is covered in a thick layer of snow. The ice rink in the middle of […]

The joys of winter in Vermont

Although yesterday’s weather resulted in some canceled classes, the great news is that we now have a good amount of snow for skiing and playing outside. I’ve found the best way to make it through a winter here in New England (if you’re not that excited about the cold) is to go outside and enjoy […]