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Back to Vermont!

Wow, after more than a year, I’m back in Vermont, and getting ready to start classes again. I can hardly believe how quickly the time seems to have gone. I’m ready to start classes again, but I’m also realizing it’s been awhile since I’ve been in law courses, and Wednesday morning could be a little bit of an adjustment.

I’m also not entirely sure which courses I should take, but, mostly I’m excited to be back. I know everything will come together once I get to campus and get started in classes. There will be a whole new class of MELPs for me to meet, but there should be some familiar faces between professors and 2Ls and 3Ls.

Whatever happens, classes will definitely be better than driving, which is what I’ve done the past 5 days to get here from Colorado! The best part of the drive was that I decided I was going to embrace winter here this year. It’s going to be cold, but that can still be very fun. So, bring it on, classes and winter. I’m ready!


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