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The joys of winter in Vermont

Although yesterday’s weather resulted in some canceled classes, the great news is that we now have a good amount of snow for skiing and playing outside. I’ve found the best way to make it through a winter here in New England (if you’re not that excited about the cold) is to go outside and enjoy the snow as much as possible.

That’s a hard thing to do if there isn’t any snow, but hopefully the snow that we got yesterday will stay (and not melt or get rained on) so that when you need a study break or just some fresh air, there will be plenty of snow for it. I think it’s actually much harder if it’s just cold outside, but there’s no snow for playing. So, I’m glad we’ve started out the semester with a good dose of snow, and hope there will be more to come.

Really, as long as you don’t drive while it’s snowing, there’s nothing bad about snow at all. Except when it all melts at once and you get mud season. But we’ve got ages until that happens 🙂


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