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Winter, Winter

Today marks the official first day back to school.  However, the weather decided otherwise. I had most of my classes canceled due to the snowstorm. So what’s a girl to do after having a practically free day available and plenty of snow?  Go sledding, of course!  A group of us decided to meet up and go sledding/skiing down this hill close to town.  What they did not mention was the hike up a mountain.  In the snow.  Unfortunately, I did not make it all the way because one of the girls in our group had to be back on campus in order to make the bus to Montpelier on time.  A few of us stopped mid-hike, chatted and took some gorgeous pictures of the snow and the trees.  We ended up sledding down one of the small hills by the parking lot close to campus.  Our winter activities were followed up with $.40 cent wings and hot cocoa (with a tiny bit of Bailey’s for the chill).

The White River and snow

I will be going back up to Killington tomorrow to continue with ski lesson #2.  The first lesson was exciting and fun so I have high expectations for the second.

Killington at Sunset

On a sidenote: My one class today, environmental law, seems like it will be a very interesting and fun class.  I’m looking forward to reading more about the statutes, and the professor appears very lively and engaging.


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