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Back to the Grind

Winter break was lovely, and feels almost like a dream that I haven’t quite woken up from yet. But here we all are, resolutely marching towards Spring semester. Winter has hit South Royalton in full force, and this little town is covered in a thick layer of snow. The ice rink in the middle of the Green is seeing a lot of use, and you can’t leave the house without gloves and a hat. Being away from here made me both appreciate the cozy nature of life in Vermont but also yearn for accessible movie theaters, Thai food, public transportation, Happy Hours and museums in my daily life. I won’t spend this entry moaning about the lack of Thai food in South Royalton, but it is certainly something one should think about when they consider their future at VLS. Try as I might, I can’t cook up a decent green curry.

I’m currently in the throws of figuring out my course schedule. Since we had a Nor’easter on the first day of classes which caused many professors to cancel classes, I haven’t actually been able to attend all of the six classes I’m enrolled in. Not being able to sit through at least one go-round of each course makes my decision almost impossible. Trust me, I’m itching to drop one of the courses as I know for a fact that there is no way I can handle that much course work. And lest you believe I am crazy enough to try to fully tackle five courses, one of the six is an intensive Negotiation class that meets only four times in January. One of the MELP requirements is to take a course in some type of alternative dispute resolution, and I am getting the requirement out of the way quickly with this super intensive two Fridays and two Saturdays course with Professor Nolan.

But that still leaves me debating between CERCLA and Watersheds. I’m hoping that I’ll have it settled by Wednesday evening after I’ve attended both. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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