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Strange Start to a New Semester

This semester has begun quite oddly. First, I got stuck in Georgia and missed the first two days of classes. A large snow/ice storm came through Georgia the day I was supposed to fly back to Vermont. By the time the roads were passable in Georgia the storm hit New England, with the Boston/Manchester area having a blizzard. Many of my first readings were online, so I was able to not get too far behind. On the plus side, it was nice having a three week long break! Another snow storm hit Vermont this past Tuesday, the campus closed early, and my last two classes were cancelled. One of these two classes only meets once a week, therefore I have not been to that class yet! It feels quite strange to be two weeks into classes and to not yet know what to expect of one.

I live on the third floor of a house, with all of the stairs on the outside and man, I did not realize quite how often I would have to shovel snow! I shoveled the steps yesterday and this morning I woke up to three more inches. Last time my roommate and I shoveled we shoveled about eight inches off and the next day you could not tell we shoved at all. However, I’m not complaining, it is good exercise. My goal for the afternoon is to dig out my car, which is currently surrounded by snow up to the tops of the tires.

Yesterday my roommate and I went sledding on a big hill at the SoRo School, which is right next door. I had the time of my life! Truthfully, I’ve never been sledding before (well, legitimate sledding), and I cannot wait to go again! My parents bought me snowshoes and I plan on utilizing those quite a bit, too. I hope to snowshoe up to Kent’s Ledge this weekend. Winter in Vermont makes everything a big playground! 


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