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Winter is HERE!

Wow, what a great winter we’re having. There is so much snow, it’s just wonderful. I really think that winters are very doable here as long as you get outside, and it’s so much easier to get outside when there is snow. The snow right now is really perfect — so light and fluffy and not icy. Really great.

Tomorrow and Monday are supposed to be very cold — getting down to -20 overnight — so we made the most of the sunny day today and went for a great cross country ski. If you’re not a skier or a snowshoer, I highly recommend learning when you get to Vermont. Anyone can pick up these sports, and they are just the best thing to do to get out when it’s cold and snowy. And, there are all sorts of iterations of skiing — you can do cross country on groomed trails or backcountry or skate skiing or tele skiing (not to mention downhill skiing or snowboarding). You can go to a groomed course, out your back door, or up mountains (with skins).

Really, there are endless opportunities that will satisfy all sorts of people. And, having spent a number of winters in this part of the world, I can honestly say that the worst thing to do is to let the snow and the cold keep you from doing things and going outside. You just gotta get out — you’ll feel sooo much better!


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