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January sunshine

One of the most beautiful sights to see in Vermont is a sunny day, right after a big snow storm.  The other day, I walked outside and even though I could see my breath, it did not deter me from venturing into town to run errands and eventually take a trip out to Tunbridge.  Since I’ve been here, I have only been out to Tunbridge a handful of times, but I have a feeling I will try and make the trip more often for a couple reasons. 1) The drive is beautiful.  Even if you don’t want to drive, I have biked out past Tunbridge in the past, and its a scenic and peaceful ride; 2) Its always fun to drive around and take pictures and 3) The Tunbridge general store is a hidden gem.  I have been talking about visiting this little store since I first moved here, and I finally had my chance to stop by the other day.  While the store is not much different than other general stores, it was the people running the store that made it special.  I got that small town, friendly vibe right away and was pleased with everything this little store had to offer.

It is great to find time for the little things in life, but looking at the reality, this semester is just getting started.  After a couple weeks of snow days and cancellations, I have finally taken all my classes at least once.  I am really happy with my classes and I look forward to the new challenges this semester will bring.  Once I get into the swing of things, I plan on writing more about my classes, but for now, I still have the feeling that this semester is just getting started.



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