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Just Another Day

It looks like this will finally be my first full week of class.  The first week was interrupted by a snowstorm and the second week had a holiday.  Luckily, I only have two days of classes this semester after my Negotiations weekend finishes.  Classes have been really good so far.  I’m currently taking Environmental Law, Environmental Writing & Advocacy, Watershed Protection and Management, and Negotiations, as stated above.  All of my professors seem to be really interesting so things are looking good this semester (so far).

On another note, I have a tiny paint chip in my car.  Unfortunately, it has started rusting just a little bit from all of the salt.  I drove to the dealer earlier to see about getting paint, and he informed me that I can’t even work on it until it gets to be warmer (around 50 degrees outside).  He did tell me in the meantime to clean off the rust and put some white nail polish for the time being.  I’m slightly skeptical about this but we shall see.

Also, some of my friends and I have started a blog on our cooking adventures in SoRo. Check it out here.


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