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Classes sorted out… finally!

This past Wednesday was the last day to drop and add classes, and it was an exciting day for me (and probably the registrar, too). My first semester here, I went to the classes I registered for, and I was happy with them. I didn’t even shop around for classes. While I was completely happy with my classes, I realized it’s never a bad idea to try out a few before you commit.

This semester was a bit of a different experience for me. I guess I didn’t shop around too much, but I wasn’t entirely sure about which classes to take when the semester started.

To make a long-ish story short, I ended up asking for permission to waive a required course (which is possible if you have experience in the subject covered in the course). I was happy to get permission for this, but it happened a little late in the semester (the day before the drop/add deadline), which meant I had to make a decision about which class to take instead.

Sometimes things just work out so well, and indeed, just in the nick of time, an opportunity to join the Land Use Clinic arose. I had been a Land Use Institute Research Associate the last semester I was here, and so it was a natural fit. I’m getting credit for it as though it were a MELP internship, which is pretty cool.

After feeling uncertain about my classes would shape up this semester, I’m so happy with the final result. So, I guess my recommendation is to not settle for classes, and keep searching until it feels right! The great thing is that VLS is small enough that you can make things happen in a short amount of time — offices are close together, registrars are happy to help, and it can just be easy once you know what you want to do!


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