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reading, reading, snowshoeing, and more reading

Classes have gotten off to a good start. This semester I am taking Climate Change and the Law, Regulating the Marine Environment, Environmental Law, Environmental Dispute Resolution, and Environmental Writing and Advocacy. It is hard to believe that we have only had one full week of classes so far. I feel as if I’ve been back in Vermont and in classes for a month now. This probably has something to do with the fact that I just got my day planner all organized for the semester. I have three term papers this semester, which will make last semester’s two term papers look like a cake walk. I need to have paper topics selected by this coming week. Therefore, tomorrow will be spent doing much research so that I can figure out interesting and feasible paper topics. I won’t say any negative thoughts about any classes, although I do want to say that Climate Change and the Law is probably going to be the best class I take here at VLS. I highly recommend taking it.

I went snowshoeing last weekend and it was a blast. It was really cold, but I bundled up and the only thing cold was my face. I think I am going to buy a neck gaiter that I can pull up over my face when needed. Speaking of cold, last Sunday the low was -28 ºF! I actually got to walk to class in -20 degrees! I love cold weather, so I was really excited. I am going snowshoeing again first thing tomorrow morning. If you like hiking, I recommend trying snowshoeing.


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