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new month and new snow

Thanks to the storm that clobbered a large part of the country yesterday, we had a snow day! I am very happy that the snow day was Wednesday, not Tuesday, seeing as we had a half snow day last week and I already have make up classes for my Tuesday classes, one of which is three hours long. That being said, I am so excited that we had a snow day. Growing up in the South, with a lack of infrastructure to deal with snow, I’ve had plenty of snow days before. I am used to pretty much being stuck one place when that happens. Having a snow day in SoRo, where I can walk everywhere, was really nice. My roommate and I walked through campus, went down to the river, went to the co-op for some groceries, stopped by the post office, played in the town green (with snow well over our knees), and ultimately went sledding. The greatest part about a New England snow day: the snow isn’t just here for a week, it’s here for the long haul.

Now that the snow day is over, it’s back to work…lots of shoveling snow, finishing up readings for next week, and starting term papers. After all, earning my degree is why I am here. (Although what I’m going to remember forever is all the snow!)

park bench on the town green


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