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Winter Fun

One word can sum up the past couple weeks: snow.

It has snowed a ridiculous amount in the past week or so and even though I’ve spent a lot of time shoveling or cleaning off my car, I am still not sick of it.  I have not been out in the snow as much as I would like, BUT I have been doing other fun things in the mean time.

For example, I ventured around Woodstock with a friend and we visited the Woodstock Farmer’s Market, which is an amazing place to buy perfectly fresh vegetables, cheese and pastries.  This week was my friend’s birthday and we decided to go to a bakery we’ve been dying to try– Trap Door Bakehouse and Cafe.  Their food is phenomenal and the owner’s are very nice.

With all the snow days and extra time, it is easy to make room for all these adventures, but also easy to get distracted from doing homework.  However, I am enjoying my classes so far and I am very excited to keep learning, which will hopefully point me in the right career direction.

On top of adventures and homework, I am also doing an internship this semester at the Vermont Natural Resources Council in Montpelier.  I did a lot of internship searching and VNRC turned out to be a perfect fit for me.  This past Tuesday was my first day and I had the opportunity to work in the s state house, where I was attending committee meetings and taking notes on bills pertaining to energy and the environment.  It was a brand new experience to observe bill reviewing/potential law making at work.  My first day was sort of crazy because there was also a Climate Action Rally the same day, which was hosted by VNRC and  What was the big deal? Little did I know that on Tuesday, the House decided to pass a bill, which recognized climate change as a problem and proposed solutions for the state.  It was so awesome to be an observer of such a legislative accomplishment.  All in all, I think that my first day went well and I can’t wait to go back and learn a lot more during my time at the state house.

In other news, my boyfriend Chris will be coming to visit later this week for a few days and I look forward to showing him all the places I love in Vermont.  Also, we plan on taking a trip to the Magic Hat Brewery, which I hear is always fun.  He has never been to Vermont and I am looking forward to showing him around SoRo and a couple other places in the area that I think he’ll definitely appreciate.



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