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Oh yes, this is why I’m at VLS

Bill McKibben of came to VLS yesterday and gave a phenomenal lecture. Bill McKibben is a wonderful speaker and I would recommend hearing him speak if you ever have the chance. His talk was the perfect combination of in your face bad news and hopeful solutions and inspiration. My main interest is climate change mitigation, so this lecture was right up my alley. It is easy for me to get bogged down with work in the middle of the semester and to lose sight of what it is I am fighting for and going to school for. This lecture reminded me of exactly what it is I want to get out of my experience here at VLS. It made me want to learn everything I can while I am here. It inspired me. It made me sad. It provided me with a little hope. It made me want to take out my walking shoes, raise my voice, and try to make a difference.


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