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Pluggin’ along

Well, we’ve got this week and the next and then it’s spring break. I’m pretty excited to have a week to catch up with work and also take some time to go skiing. Somehow, no matter what I do, I never seem to get as much done over the weekends as I would like. Of course, this weekend, I went down to Connecticut to spend some time with my mom, grandmother, aunts and uncle, so I’m not surprised I didn’t get that much done, but still! I have dreams of getting ahead over the weekend, but alas, it’s rarely the case.

One thing that has been different for me this semester than during my fall semester is that I have assignments due during the semester, rather than just one big final at the end. I guess the MELP class in the fall had regular writing assignments, but I actually have several courses with assignments due throughout the course, rather than one big test at the end. I also have at least one big paper to write, which will certainly take some time. I think I prefer exams, just because they take less time, but it’s also a good experience to write longer papers.

One sort of fun assignment I had this semester was to write the opinion for a court case that has already been decided, but to re-write it as we would have decided if we were on the court at the time. Then, after we all wrote our opinions, our class of 10 people pretended to be a supreme court, and we argued our different views and tried to gain a consensus on the outcome of the case. Kind of cool — and it was neat to hear some of the history about how different courts have operated in the past.

Anyways, speaking of work and writing, I should probably get back to that. I’ve got to analyze a real EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) to say whether I think it has adequately addressed the environmental impacts of a proposed forest plan.  Definitely a neat thing to do, but certainly takes more time than just reading cases!

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