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I know I just wrote, but I had to post again about the Town Meeting panel held tonight at VLS about environmental justice. There were 6 panelists who each spoke for 5 minutes about some aspect of environmental justice. I loved the format — no one got up there and went on and on about stuff. People realized that 5 minutes was a short amount of time, and so they made one point, and I found that I was getting more from these 5 minutes spiels than I often get from hour lectures.

One panelist in particular really moved me, and got me fired up again. Professor Michael Dworkin spoke about why he does what he does (he’s an energy expert). I haven’t had a class with him and I haven’t really heard him speak before, but I was really blown away by his talk tonight. I’m not going to tell you his story — you should come here and ask him yourself — but I will say that he provided some real inspiration for me. Although I’m always pretty engaged, my motivation sometimes flags for various reasons. I’ve found it’s really important to have regular reminders of why I’m here at VLS and why I’m doing what I’m doing, and tonight was definitely one of those reminders.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, when you come to VLS, don’t just go to class. You never know when one of these extra-hour events is going to give you just the inspiration you need.


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