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Essential Items for Winter

There are quite a few items that I consider essential to life in Vermont. Even if you are only here in South Royalton for one year as a MELP, you really do have to spend some time preparing for all of the variables of life here. Being a student requires a whole set of essential items including a bullet-proof computer and a switched on and engaged brain. But you already know that of course! I might also suggest buying some extra dry erase markers because none of the classrooms here seem to have working ones. You could earn some major brownie points with Professors and fellow students if you happen to have one in your backpack.

Snow Tires: To survive the winter with a car you will certainly need snow tires. We’ve had quite a winter worth of big storms and the roads have been treacherous. Today, we are in the midst of a sleet and ice storm and it isn’t pretty out there. I’d also make certain you have a snow shovel for your car and an ice scrapper for your windshield.

Waterproof Backpack: So your books don’t get all soaked. And try to get one big enough to fit at least three course books, your laptop and other work. I regularly have a completely full backpack and an extra bag for my 8:30am-2:00pm Mondays and Wednesdays. (I don’t recommend taking 4 back to back classes).

Snow Boots, Winter Coat, Hats, Gloves and Wool Socks: This seems pretty self-explanatory but being warm and dry will keep you much happier when you are walking to and from class as well as exploring Vermont.

Netflix Subscription: The days are long and dark, you will need distractions from reading statutes and case law. Trust me.

Your Favorite Cookbook: I’ve spent quite a bit of time working my way through my favorite cookbook which has been fun. Leftovers make lunches easier and the Co-Op has everything I’ve needed even for the most bizarre recipes.

Flannel Sheets: Once again, you will truly fall in love with these… really.

A thick door mat (for your front door) and a rubber mat to store your snow and salt covered boots: I never wear my shoes in my apartment so I found a thick rubber mat to put my snowy shoes on when I walk inside. It keeps my apartment much cleaner and I don’t track salt throughout my house. Plus, it helps avoid those cold melted puddles around my apartment.

Winter Equipment: Skis, Snowshoes, Ice Skates, whatever makes you happy. The key to surviving winter is getting out and enjoying it. The South Royalton Common has an ice rink in the middle of it for much of the winter that many people use, so if you enjoy skating, don’t forget your ice skates.

Books: This semester I’ve been trying really hard to read something fun for at least 10 minutes before I go to bed every night. It makes me feel more human when I can talk about an interesting tidbit from a book that isn’t VLS focused.

A Sense of Humor: It gets cold and dark here, but if you relax, find ways to laugh and enjoy yourself, it will be Spring before you know it! (hopefully)

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