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Spring Break

The last couple weeks have been pretty busy with classes and my internship.  Not to mention, I have started going to the gym again, which was one of the best decisions I’ve recently made.  When I get a chance to go to the gym and blow off some steam, I find that it is easier to get work done afterwards.  A couple friends and I have been swimming on Mondays at the Vermont Technical College.  It is really great that VTC and VLS worked out a plan so that students can use their gym for free (during the week) until the VLS gym is completed in a couple years.

Thursday, I drove 8 hours from Vermont, through Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York, to Pennsylvania.  It was such a beautiful day for a drive– the sun was shining, there were barely any clouds in the sky and I had an endless amount of good music to accompany me on my journey home.  It is nice to be home and see my family, but so far, the most exciting part is the lack of snow.  The buds are starting to creep through the soil and the grass is uncovered and starting to turn green.  It is spring in Pennsylvania, while there is still plenty of snow to go around in Vermont.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to run outside, which was the greatest feeling in the world.  As much as I love Vermont, the snow can melt any day now.  I am not sick of it, I just miss running outside– especially in shorts.

What am I going to do while I’m home? Well, I have a couple papers due once I get back to school, so I will be doing work at least half the time while I am home.  This doesn’t bother me though because my parents are at work during the week, which gives me plenty of quiet time to finish my homework.  It is also giving me plenty of time to continue with my job search.  I am really crossing my fingers that I can find a job in the Pittsburgh area so that I can move there once classes are done in August.

Those are my updates and now it is time to get back to writing this paper that is due on Monday.  Oh, the life of a grad student.


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