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A Break from Snow and Ice

I’m in Washington, DC for Spring Break spending time with my husband, and it is lovely to be away for a while. Seeing green grass, taking public transportation, not wearing snow-boots and my huge winter coat (or any coat at all) and being able to easily go to a movie and eat spicy, ethnic food is so refreshing. Just getting out of South Royalton can prove to be exciting and at times difficult, but my trip south wasn’t challenging this time. I was fortunate to get a ride to Hanover, where I caught the Dartmouth Coach into South Station in Boston. I waited about 30 minutes and then boarded the Amtrak Acela to DC. Pretty easy this time around, but you have to be strategic when you are trying to get out of South Royalton without a car as the connections can take forever. And let’s be honest, South Royalton isn’t exactly a hub of transportation options.

I tried to use the time on the train to finish my Public Comment Letter assignment for my Environmental Writing and Advocacy class, read for CERCLA and my Land Transactions and Finance course. Unfortunately, I spent most of my time looking out the window thinking about Spring and reading silly magazines. Luckily, I am going to take advantage of the Library of Congress to do most of my work this week. I applied for a “Researcher” ID card, which allows me to use the public reading rooms to finish my mountain of work. It will be nice to have a change of perspective while studying.

Other than studying while I am in DC, I am using this time to ramp up my job search, spend time outside and see old friends. It is pretty amazing how quickly this year is going, and getting organized so I can leave South Royalton with a job is very important to me. As I am planning on moving back to DC when my time in Vermont is over, being here for Spring Break is a great way for me to remain focused on the bigger picture of life away from VLS.

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